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BK Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, also known as  BK Diagnostics, clinical laboratory Technicians and medical laboratory technicians, perform a variety of tests on patients or specimens in hospitals or other medical facilities. BK Diagnostics work with microscopes and other sophisticated diagnostic tools to test and analyze tissue samples, body fluids and medical images.

Laboratory technicians must be able to labor under stressful conditions and take notice of every detail. Computer and problem-solving skills and manual dexterity, as well as normal color vision, are significant traits for lab techs to have.

Education Requirements

Individuals interested in becoming lab techs are encouraged to begin preparing through high school-level courses and programs. Laboratory techs must be knowledgeable in the sciences, computers and math, all of which can be learned at the most basic level through high school instruction.

Generally, laboratory technicians must complete college-level courses in statistics, biological sciences, math, chemistry and microbiology, as well as computer applications, business and management. Lab techs who run complicated tests using sophisticated equipment are required by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act to have at least an associate's degree in the health sciences or medical technology. With a bachelor's degree and experience, a lab tech might advance to positions such as chief clinical or medical laboratory technologist, supervisor or lab director.

Most states require lab techs to become registered or licensed after completing a formal education program. Employers generally favor certification from professional organizations. 

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Current Opening

Job Title: Blood Draw or Phlebotomy Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Services
Job Location: Ghaziabad / Noida
Designation: Blood Draw or Phlebotomy

Phlebotomist Job Duties

As a phlebotomist, you will be the one who draws blood from patients, collects a variety of other specimen samples as well as label the blood vials that you have filled. You will also be responsible for bringing all blood and specimen samples to the laboratory either in the hospital you are working in or locally in the area. Below is a quick list of the job duties that you should expect when working as a phlebotomy technician and form the phlebotomist job description in full:

  • collect blood samples from patients
  • practice proper patient identification, especially when working on hospital floors
  • label vials with patient names and dates
  • decipher the best method for drawing blood depending on the specific patient
  • transport all specimen samples to a nearby laboratory
  • centrifuge blood samples, depending on if this is allowed in the state you are working in
  • expect to work with a large number of patients varying in age and health status
  • be friendly, courteous and sympathetic when it comes to working with patients
  • keep your phlebotomy cart or station well-organized at all times
  • practice infection control standards at all times when working with patients and equipment

Job Posting Date:2016-10-23 14:47:47

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